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Marketing1on1 is a highly motivated, fast growing company with a team of experienced marketing professionals in online and digital marketing. Our team of marketing professionals always evolving and eager to approach marketing strategies with a fresh mindset.
Don`t waste precious time and money on patient eligibility verification software and processing patient paperwork only to have your claims denied. Optimize your patient information and health insurance eligibility verification process with our Payer Gatewayplus Portal and get the real time eligibility verification information you need on the front end to assess eligibility in seconds.
At Softline Solutions, pay per click advertising and PPC optimization is taken seriously. Paid search marketing is the key ingredient in any PPC campaign pie, and it`s our job to optimize your paid advertising every single week to ensure the best results for your bottom line.
New Cell Accessories is a new online phone accessories shop. Find everything from headphones, to power banks, the smart phone mounts at affordable prices.
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